Ryan Token


What I'm currently working on in my spare time.

Eagle Crest STL

Eagle Crest STL is a fully serverless web app tailor-made for the Eagle Crest HOA in St. Louis, MO.

It allows members and trustees to easily send messages, make requests, give announcements, view documents, and see a list of all homeowners in the HOA.

Eagle Crest STL

It's a Jamstack app built with React on the front end, AWS as the middle tier and the back end, and is hosted on Netlify.

AWS services used for this include S3, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, SES, Cognito, Amplify, and more.

Dashing Through the 'Ville

Dashing Through the 'Ville is a city-wide scavenger hunt held throughout Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Proceeds from the event benefitted Youth and Family Services of Washington County, and it helped them raise a total of $15,000.

The web app is fully serverless – built with React on the front end, AWS as the middle tier and back end, and hosted on Netlify. The AWS services used include Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, SES, Cognito, Amplify, IAM, and more.

Dashing Through the Ville

I was the sole developer for this project. As a volunteer, I ended up building the entire application in a span of three weeks.

We had about three hundred users throughout the city, and heard of no incidents throughout the event.

CatchUp for iOS

*Featured on Brett Terpstra's Systematic Podcast as one of his 'Top 3' (around 46:21)

My first public-facing iOS app! First released in May of 2018, I completely rewrote it in May of 2020 using SwiftUI, Core Data, and several other improvements.

CatchUp - Home CatchUp - Details CatchUp - Preference CatchUp - Tip Jar

CatchUp helps you stay in touch with the people who matter most. You can set reminders for the contacts you choose, and get notified when it's time to CatchUp with them again.

CatchUp is free with no ads, but has a tip jar if you want to buy me a coffee ☕

Read my blog post about modernizing CatchUp here.

The Golden Hurricast

The Golden Hurricast is the leading independent podcast and blog covering Golden Hurricane athletics at The University of Tulsa.

The website was built with React, GraphQL, and Gatsby.

The Golden Hurricast

I built and maintain the website, as well as co-host the podcast and contribute to blog posts. All of the content produced by The Golden Hurricast is completely free.