Hi, I'm Ryan

I'm a software engineer, podcaster, writer, college sports fan, and general techie.

I'm currently the lead engineer on the iOS team at Storyboard. My primary focuses there are building Chat by Storyboard, our real-time, AI-powered, voice messaging app, and on creating highly scalable serverless back ends that power every part of the platform.

In my free time, I build native iOS apps (Hot Local Food, Outrank, and CatchUp) and co-host The Golden Hurricast, a weekly podcast covering athletics at The University of Tulsa.

Latest blog posts

  • Hot Local Food App Icon for iOS

    Hot Local Food for iOS

    It's like Tinder, but for food, and it already likes you back.


  • Nuxt 3 logo vs the SvelteKit logo

    Nuxt 3 vs SvelteKit

    Choosing between Nuxt 3 and SvelteKit for ryantoken.com v3.


  • A custom diagram showcasing dynamic ephemeral storage with lambda

    Dynamic Ephemeral Storage

    Serverless Compute with Dynamic Ephemeral Storage.


  • Storyboard's logo

    One Year at Storyboard

    Reflections on my first year and a look at what's to come.


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