Hi, I'm Ryan

I'm a software engineer, podcaster, writer, college sports fan, and general techie.

I'm currently a senior software engineer at Storyboard. My primary focus there is building Chat by Storyboard, our hands-free, eyes-free voice messaging app for drivers. I also help create highly scalable serverless back ends that power every part of the platform.

In my free time, I build native iOS apps (Hot Local Food, Outrank, and CatchUp) and co-host The Golden Hurricast, a weekly podcast covering athletics at The University of Tulsa.

Latest blog posts

  • CatchUp v3

    CatchUp v3

    Revisiting my first iOS app with new features and a fresh UI.


  • Hot Local Food App Icon for iOS

    Hot Local Food for iOS

    It's like Tinder, but for food, and it already likes you back.


  • Nuxt 3 logo vs the SvelteKit logo

    Nuxt 3 vs SvelteKit

    Choosing between Nuxt 3 and SvelteKit for ryantoken.com v3.


  • A custom diagram showcasing dynamic ephemeral storage with lambda

    Dynamic Lambda Storage

    Serverless compute with dynamic ephemeral storage.


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